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Virtual Staging

JPG Media's virtual staging service is unmatched in quality.  The it's not just the visual appeal of a well decorated room with virtual staging, a staged room vs a vacant space allows buyers the ability to better understand the size and layout of a room.  It is often very difficult for a buyer to envision how furniture would fit or best look in a vacant space.

    Vacant        VS      Staged

Slide to see the transformation

Staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non-staged homes

Homes that are staged sell 73% faster than those that are not staged

Home  Staging Institute

According to buyers, the living room is the most important room to be staged (46%), followed by the primary bedroom (43%) and kitchen (35%)

National Association of Realtors, NAR

Side - by - Side Comparison

Virtual staging can reduce the cost of home staging by 97%


How it works . . .

Virtual staging is a complex process using a 3D rendering program.  This is what gives the image a natural look to the furniture that cannot be achieved if items were "photoshopped" in.  Once in the program, our virtual staging editor uses her decorating talents to create a beautifully, fully furnished space from a vast gallery of furnishings, rugs, lamps, artwork, etc. The end result is an eye catching room with every detail in place.

Once delivered, select your images:

  1. Review and select the images you would like to have staged.

  2. Notate the image number or screenshot your selections

  3. Reply back to the delivery email or text Agent Support (614) 908-2914 with your image selections. If you have any specific design or style requests, please include them in your reply.

  4. 24-36hrs your images will be delivered

*Each image is $25 for virtual staging, not room

**2 revisions will be included, after that there will be a $10 fee for additional changes.

All listing photos must 1st go through the 1st round of editing before going to the staging editor, as they are 2 separate processes.  Because of this, please allow additional time for delivery before your listing date.
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