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Video Tours

Staying true to our mission statement, our business model required us to also create a quality video product at an affordable price.  Just like our listing photography services, we provide 3 affordable options for video tours to suit every listing!

403% more inquiries are driven from listings with video 

National Association of Realtors, NAR

Quick Tour

JPG Media introduced the Quick Tour video in 2020 during the pandemic in order to create a cost effective option for EVERY agent to have a video tour with EVERY listing.  It was imperative during that time that our agents had a marketing tool that was effective and affordable.  The Quick Tour became so popular and a staple for our agents that we have not only continued to offer it, but have continued to develop and enhance its quality.  The Quick Tour video uses wide angle cell phone video (1080p quality), with a 3-axis gimbal, offered in a wide or vertical format, and professionally edited by the JPG Media editing team.

Wide VS Vertical Format

Both formats are shot as a high quality 1080p format, at 60fps.  The wide option is your typical wide or landscape setting and can be used on websites, social media, MLS, etc.  The vertical format is less universal in its usage, as it is used for mobile apps and best for social media, but much better if your target audience is on a mobile device.  They do have to be shot separately as we cannot effectively crop one format to fit another.  Contact our Agent Support Team if you have additional questions, or if you need help deciding.


  • 1-3 min video - depends on sqft

  • .mp4 or .mov 1080p format 

  • Easy copy & paste link formatted for MLS

  • 3 Business Day delivery

Real estate videos drive 157% more traffic to your website


Agent Tour

The Agent Tour is just another example of JPG Media's passion for creating services from the needs of the market and our agents.  As social media and interactive websites continue to captivate homeowners attention, agents find themselves desperately looking for a way to bring content to their followers.  The Agent Tour was created for just that! 

The Agent Tour video is a Quick Tour with an agent on-camera walking potential buyers through the home and giving a valuable narration of all the home's features.  Videographers use wireless microphones to record agents in various spots throughout the home.  1-5 locations is recommend based on the size and features of the property.  (For example: Outside or at the front door, the kitchen, upstairs, a finished basement, the backyard/outdoor living area)  Our videographers will work with you at the property to create a unique and professional marketing video for you as well as the property.  While an agent cannot be featured on camera for MLS, this video has quickly become a favorite for all agents to build their brand.  Whether you are comfortable on camera or just starting out and want one short intro clip at the beginning, the Agent Tour will help you sell!

People who are looking to purchase a property and watch the video of the property are 174% more likely to purchase than those who don’t


Cinematic Tour

The Cinematic Tour is completely different from the Quick Tour.  This video tour is designed to be a higher end look and feel to your marketing.  With DSLR or Mirrorless cameras and 3-axis video gimbal equipment, our videographers shoot short clips throughout the property that showcase not just the room, but the specific features and qualities of the home.  Along with our talented JPG Media editing team, our videographers create a smooth, artistic and cinematic look that engages audiences.


  • 3-5 min video - depends on sqft

  • .mp4 or .mov 1080p format

  • Embeddable link and download provided

  • 3 Business Day delivery

Premium Photography

0 - 2000 sqft - $135

2001 - 3500 sqft - $155

3501 - 4500 sqft - $175

4501 - 6000 sqft - $195

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