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Virtual Tours

Powered by Ricoh360 Tours

Interactive Virtual Home Tours

JPG Media was 1st to the market with an affordable Virtual Tour option.  While using the same Ricoh 360 cameras approved by Matterport, this tour is hosted by Ricoh360 Tours instead.  While it does not have the dollhouse effect to it's setup, it does offer an even more important feature . . .  Unlimited hosting!  If you are familiar with the Matterport hosting, due to its cost, photographers have to limit the time the tour will be available (typically for only 30-60 days).  With JPG Media and Ricoh360 Tours, you never have to worry about your tour being live and accessible. Best of all we are able to offer this product at a much lower cost and a next day turnaround delivery time. 

Virtual Home Tour

Click to interact.  You can scroll up, down and all around.

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Ricoh Theta 360 Cameras

Ricoh released the world’s first 360-degree camera for consumer use in 2013, and continues to innovate its technology.  Each camera is equipped with 2 ultra wide 180 degree lenses on each side.  When taking photos and videos each camera takes an images and then they are "stitched" together to make one seamless image that captures the entire space in a full 360 format.  Viewers can then use their mobile devices or desktop to scan the entire room and view features up close.  For example: Want a better look at the floors or cabinets?  Move the photo down and look up close. Test it out with the interactive tour above.

Interactive Floor Plan

FREE feature with all listing photos and floor plan orders!

Don't forget about creating an interactive floorplan on your listing!  When you order photos and a floorplan, you can utilize this powerful tool and WOW buyers on the listing website.  Watch the short video on a quick how to and see what it looks like when it's live!

5 Reasons Why

Here are 5 powerful reasons why you need to have a virtual tour with your listings . . . . 

Courtesy of PhotoUP Research

1. Buyers – and sellers, too – expect and want to see a virtual tour:

  • More than 50% of adults have taken a virtual tour

  • 67% of home buyers said they want a virtual tour when looking at a listing

  • 50% of buyers  preferred virtual tours over photography alone when searching for homes for sale

2. Listings marketed with virtual tours get more attention:

  • Real estate listings with a virtual home tour get 87% more views

  • Potential buyers spend 5-10 times longer on websites with a virtual tour than those without

3. Buyers are more likely to schedule an in-person showing after seeing a virtual tour:

  • 54% of buyers won’t even consider seeing a house if it doesn’t include a virtual tour

  • Homes buyers have 48% more interest in homes featuring virtual tours than those using only photos and video

  • Buyers aged 18 to 34, a key demographic, are 130% more likely to book a showing if there is a virtual tour

4. Homes with virtual tours sell faster and for better prices:

  • Homes sold with virtual tours sold for 9% more on average than those homes without one 

  • Listings with virtual tours closed 31% quicker than those not featuring a tour

  • A recent nationwide survey found that nearly 50% of potential buyers would make an offer on a home based solely on a virtual tour. 

5. And competent sales professionals understand that virtual tours help grow their businesses:

  • 90% of prospective buyers said they would more likely buy a property if the listing included a virtual tour

  • 25% of home sellers prefer to work with a real estate agent that uses virtual tours for marketing their houses


Zillow 3D Home Tour

JPG Media is an approved photographer for Zillow Showcase, however we are currently working to create a better experience with the Zillow 3D Home Tour product and are not currently accepting requests. 

Stay Tuned for Updates!

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