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Listing Photography

At JPG Media we create inviting images and products that are irrefutably striking. Our images give you a clean, true to life feel of every room.  Our architectural style of shooting focuses on the room itself and layout of the home.  While known for our clear, crisp images, we also believe strongly in our mission to provide the highest quality at an affordable price for EVERY type of listing. Because of that commitment, we have created 2 options for photography. 

Let's compare

One of the top questions we receive is:

"Which do I pick?  What's the difference between standard and premium photos?"  

We think its best to show you. . . . .

Standard         VS         Premium

JPG Media's Standard photos are quality HDR images that do well to market any property. Premium photos offer richer colors, visibility through the windows, and a detailed high definition to finish.  They are accomplished through different shooting and editing processes.  Picking the best option for you most likely comes down to preference in look and of course cost.

Standard Photography

Standard Photography includes:​

  • Interior & Exterior Property Photos​​

  • Basic Editing

  • TV/Computer Screen Replacements

  • Blue Sky Replacements

  • High Resolution, HDR images

  • MLS and Print size formats

  • Property Website with Slideshow

  • Marketing Design Center: Flyers, Social Media cards, etc.​

  • Delivered Next Day

*Number of images varies based on package chosen

Premium Photography

Our Premium Photography is designed to make a statement.  While Standard Photography provides professional quality images, Premium Photography takes those images and elevates them to a luxury level.  This look is achieved by our photographers using a bracket shooting process that takes 6 exposure shots for every 1 final edited image.  Then a team of expert editors blends these images perfectly to deliver that high-end look to every image.  

Premium Photography includes all of the amazing features of the Standard Photography, in addition to to the advanced shooting process and editing, all premium photography packages include a free virtual twilight image.

Premium Photography

0 - 2000 sqft - $135

2001 - 3500 sqft - $155

3501 - 4500 sqft - $175

4501 - 6000 sqft - $195

Color Scanning Technology

JPG Media is one of the only photography companies in the industry that uses color scanning technology for color accuracy in editing.  

Our photographers scan walls, floors, woodwork, etc. to help ensure our editors get accurate colors the 1st time

JPG Media has a less than 1% re-edit request rate

Exteriors with Blue Skies

It's always sunny with the JPG Media blue sky replacement feature.  All exteriors images are replaced with stunning blue skies, even in raining or overcast weather.

Using a Twilight image as the listing’s main photo averaged 76% more views than listings without the use of Twilight images.


Virtual Twilight

Turn daylight photos into stunning twilight images that are sure to draw attention to the listing.

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