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Ali discusses NAR article, that 🎯 FAQs about the new market

The NAR has just released a great new article outlining what normally would be an enormous amount of data into bite sized FAQs that we can all use.

#4 rank's among one of the big 🔥 topics for JPG Media.

" Rural listings have become increasingly popular. We know our agents need us to be wherever their listings are." - Ali Quattro, JPG Media (Owner)

JPG Media already has the largest coverage of all our competitors in Central Ohio and is setting their sights to do the same with the new Cincinnati-Dayton market. In doing so they are closing that gap between Columbus and Dayton; as well as working to stretch north as well as easy/southeast of Columbus.

"I truly foresee a flee from the urban and in turn, suburban areas into these very rural towns over the next 2-3 years for several reasons." - Ali

  • Cost: Urban areas have grown and so has the price tag. Columbus and Cincinnati have see a boom and regrowth in their cities but they are also now very costly to buy into and live.

  • Growth/Need: Suburbs are now feeling the pressure. These booming sales of urban homes has forced them to leave their homes and set up in the suburbs. Now there is even more demand in the suburban communities.

  • Client Preference: Those having been in the suburbs 10+ yrs (again data from the NAR article point to #7) are longing to get our further. They miss the open fields and quiet they had when they 1st bought in their suburban communities.

  • Mobility: Just like in #5 of the article, people have found it cost effective that even with gas increases it is worth it to move 50+ miles out. Either due to remote work or the fantastic job of our citieshave done growing their transportation infastructure. Hopping on almost any of our highways in Ohio allow for a quick drive out to these rural areas that are about the equivalent time it takes to travel within the city to and from places with traffic.

All this being said, the article has many key points that will help our agents target potential clients effectively in the next year, and JPG Media is in lock step to help!

Here's the article link. Take a few minutes to digest and feel free to comment back here for more discussion and thoughts we love to hear from you all.

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